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Hands of Fate Street Team

Welcome Street Team Members!

This page is your one stop shop for all things to do with the team. 

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Cupids Vs Chaos


Wings up. Stand Tall.

You are either in Team Chaos or Team Cupid. 

Work together to gain points—and points mean prizes! 

See below for our point breakdown!


Fated Feathers!

I'll be updating you on your points totals as we go, but the winners will be revealed on June 11th, a week after release day.

All members of the winning team will receive a Vows & Villainy paperback and possible other goodies to boot!

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Recruit someone to post for the Vows & Villainy cover reveal on Feb 14 2022!

Cover Reveal

Recruit someone to post on Vows & Villainy's cover reveal day (Feb 14)

Cliff scene Light.png

Recruit someone to post for Vows & Villainy's launch day on June 3 2022

Release Day Post

Recruit someone to post Vows & Villainy on June 3rd Release Day

Dariel & Marlowe.JPG

Persuade someone to preorder V&V. 

Must be able to send me proof.

Pre-order V&V

Persuade someone to pre-order Vows & Villainy. 

Must send proof to me!

Cupids & Chaos Print.jpg

Persuade someone to read Cupids & Chaos and leave a review. 

Proof of review required (no back dated posts accepted)

Read & Review

The big one!

Recommend Cupids & Chaos - get someone to read it and leave a review! 

Send me proof.

Dates to Remember

  • Fated Feathers Friday

    • Share a new or old reel/post/piece of art​

  • MONDAY FEB 14 - Cover reveal for Vows and Villainy​

  • FRIDAY JUN 3 - Release Day for Vows and Villainy


Important Information

Google Drive with images, videos and artwork can be found 

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